(Amended April 2018)








Suffolk County/National Competitions are open to all S S M B A registered players, of which any can form a team.

Only the correct coloured ESMBA entry forms will be accepted as the official entry form for each event.

No entry will be accepted unless it is accompanied by the entry fees and all of the required details.

Entries must be with the competition secretary by the closing date required for each discipline, cheques made payable to S S M B A.

All games will be played to E S M B A rules.

All championships will start with a round-robin going into knock-out stages, however, where less than eight teams are entered the competition may be organised on a league basis, provided every team plays every other team and not just random games. All competitions will be played to a finish on the dates stated, to include Winner - Runner/up - 3rd and 4th places (play-off between losing semi-finalists). Teams disputing their finishing position in a round-robin must appeal as soon as the qualifiers names have been read out. No claims will be accepted once the next round has started. If teams finish level in the round-robin, then points scored - shots difference - ends won - shots for - most shots on one end will apply.

Of those wishing to go to the National Finals, the top FOUR must be notified to the ESMBA.

If any of the finalists or semi-finalists do not wish to go to the Nationals, then the sets that do, but were knocked out earlier may qualify according to which round they reached, and if level then the round robin rules will apply.

The number of places available to each County for the National Finals are awarded annually by the ESMBA.



Anyone failing to turn up for a Suffolk County/National Competition without a compelling reason, and without notifying the COMPETITION SECRETARY, will automatically be banned from that particular Suffolk County/National Competition for the whole of the following season, each case to be judged on merit by the committee.

Dress Code:- White shirt/blouse with collar or polo shirt (no self patterns, stripes or broderie anglaise).MID GREY tailored trousers/skirts not split above the knee or culottes.Black, brown, white or grey bowling shoes or sandals.Shirts/blouses and polo shirts may be in club colours. No names initials or logos on the back. Any names, initials or logos must be in keeping with the ESMBA logo and no bigger than the breast pocket of a shirt.In disciplines with more than one player, ALL players must be dressed in the same colours.

Substitutes may be used at local heats provided it is prior to the commencement of play and that the ESMBA Nationals Organiser has been notified in writing before play commences.

Once a substitute has played the original player(s) may take no further part in the event. However, if the substitute has not yet played then the original player(s) may return to play.


A substituted player or one who has already played in the event cannot subsequently act as a substitute in the same event.



Substitutes at the National Finals are only allowed under very exceptional circumstances and then only with the written permission of both the ESMBA and the relevant county committee. The circumstances and reasons for substitution must be clearly and fully explained. Players giving reasons which are deemed to be unacceptable may be subject to disciplinary action as previously set out above. Substitutes in the National Finals must not have previously played in the same event.

Each event/discipline of the competitions is deemed to be a completely separate event and the above rules must be applied accordingly.

The S S M B A / E S M B A reserve the absolute right to interpret the rules and/or take action as is deemed appropriate for the running of the championships at every level of play.