CONSTITUTION (Amended April 2019)





(a)  The Association shall be called Suffolk Short Mat Bowling Association (SSMBA).

(b)  It shall be affiliated to the English Short Mat Bowling Association (ESMBA) who shall be the parent body.



(a)  Foster, promote and encourage the sport of Short Mat Bowling within the county of Suffolk under the guidelines and rules and regulations of the ESMBA.

(b)  To control, administer and promote leagues and competitions within the county on behalf of its members.

(c)  To arrange matches and/or competitions with other Short Mat Bowling Associations or Leagues for the promotion of the sport or for the benefit of its members.

(d)  To liaise with the parent body and act at all times in the interest of its members.



(a)  Any club, association or centre playing the game of Short Mat Bowls under the Laws and Rules of the ESMBA situated within the county of Suffolk .

(b)  Any such club, association or centre must be affiliated to the ESMBA.


(a)  Each member club, association or centre shall pay a yearly subscription to the SSMBA, which will be fixed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

(b)  Each club, association or centre through the SSMBA shall pay a yearly subscription to the ESMBA as is fixed by the ESMBA at its AGM.

(c)  Any club, association or centre failing to comply with 4a or 4b by 1 October in any year will cease to be a member until all arrears have been paid.

(d)  Each individual member of any club, association or centre participating in leagues, competitions or matches under the Laws and Rules of the ESMBA shall be registered and will pay a membership fee as laid down by the ESMBA and SSMBA.

(e)  For members playing Inter-County/County Competitions, the committee may, on request and at their absolute discretion, reduce or waive the entry fee payable by any member who is able to produce documentary evidence to the effect that they are in receipt of a means tested benefit.

(f)  Any member not having paid the dues and demands by 1 October in any year will cease to be a member until those dues and demands are remitted in full and will not be allowed to take part in any league, competition or match under the auspices of the ESMBA or the SSMBA.


  (a)  The Office Bearers of the Association will be elected each year at the AGM, and will be:-





(b)  The affairs of the Association shall be conducted by the Management Committee.

(c)  4 Office Bearers must be present at any Management Committee meeting to form a quorum.

(d) The Management Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy.

(e)  The Management Committee shall have the power to elect any person desirable to form any sub committee.

(f)  Each member of the committee present will have one vote. The Chairperson at any meeting shall have the casting vote.

(g) A register of attendance at all meetings shall be kept and be submitted for scrutiny at every AGM.

(h)  The Management Committee or Sub-committee(s) shall meet as often as business of the Association requires. The Secretary shall consult with the Chairperson and give as much notice as possible to those entitled to attend.




(a) An AGM shall be held by 30 April each year. Notice of the AGM shall be given by the Secretary to all clubs, associations or centres by 31 January.

(b) At any AGM or general meeting each Office Bearer shall be entitled to one vote. Any member holding more than one position in office at the same time shall still be entitled to only one vote.

(c) The annual and other general meetings shall be open to all members but each club, association or centre shall be limited to two voting delegates, which shall be in addition to the voting rights of the Office Bearers.

(d) Notices of motions and nominations for Officers should be submitted to the Secretary in writing by 28 February. If no valid nominations have been submitted then nominations from the floor of the meeting can be made on the day providing that the nominees from the floor are present at the AGM.

(e) Details of all motions received by the Secretary to be circulated to club Secretaries not less than 28 days before the AGM.

(f) Extraordinary General Meetings may be called by the Management Committee or on the request of at least 6 clubs, associations or centres.

(g)The notice calling for any such Extraordinary General Meeting must specify the purpose for which it has been called and no other business shall be transacted.


(a)  The Secretary's position shall be honorary, he/she shall keep a record of all business transacted at all meetings.

(b) The Secretary shall submit a report at the AGM of all the relevant business conducted by the Association for the past year.


The Treasurer's position shall be honorary, he/she shall submit a financial statement to the AGM, which has been duly audited and must be prepared to answer any questions relating to the financial affairs of the Association.




(a)  The SSMBA Management Committee shall be empowered to adjudicate in any dispute where any member club, association, centre or registered player cannot resolve the dispute within their own procedures.

(b)  Any appeal must be submitted in writing to the SSMBA Secretary within 28 days of the dispute being finalised through their own procedures. The Secretary shall then call a meeting of the SSMBA Management Committee, within 5 working days of the appeal being received, with the intent of resolving the subject in dispute, using the ESMBA disciplinary and appeals policy for guidance. Any other parties may be called to assist in the appeal if deemed necessary.

(c)  The SSMBA Management Committee's decision shall be final.


  The current ESMBA Laws of the game shall apply to all games. Clubs and leagues can vary or modify these rules to enable the easier running of the competitions. Any such modifications may only be done with the approval of the County Association and will only apply to that competition or league.



 No alteration of or addition to the constitution and rules of the Association shall be made unless passed by at least two thirds of the total number of the committee or by at least two thirds of the members present at any special general meeting. All such alterations or additions shall be submitted for ratification at the following AGM.




(a)  The Management Committee shall have the power to interpret the rules and deal with all matters not specifically provided therein.

(b)  Decisions of the Management Committee shall be by simple majority.


Should the Suffolk Short Mat Bowling Association, for whatever reason, be wound up, the Suffolk Committee shall ensure that all creditors are paid, arrange for the disposal of all fixed assets, and distribute such liquid assets as are disclosed by a Final Financial Statement to be prepared by the Treasurer, to such person(s) or charity/charities in such proportions that they, in their absolute discretion, shall determine.