Revised (April 2015)




A team shall consist of six players from a registered squad of at least eight. A team captain must be nominated.


(a) Each team of six players shall be split into two triples.

(b) Each triple shall play one game against a triple from the opposing team.

(c) A game shall consist of 21 ends, or 2 hours, to be agreed by both captains before the match starts.

(d) A match shall consist of two games.

(e) Two mat venues must visibly identify mats as Mat 1 and Mat 2 before scorecards are exchanged.

(f) Each player shall play with two bowls only.

(g) The Suffolk Competition Secretary will oversee the draw and will give a date to both club secretaries, for all the matches, in conjunction with all fixture lists.

(h) Semi-finals and the Final will be played at a neutral venue.

(i) Before the scorecards have been exchanged a coin will be tossed to determine which mat will be used in the event of a draw. The two triples already on that mat will therefore play the extra end and a coin will be tossed to decide who places the jack. At a one mat venue the teams playing second will play the extra end. The team, which has the highest shots total after the completion of two games, shall be declared the winners of the match.


Each team captain must decide on the individual make up of each of the triples and, at a one mat venue, the order in which the triples shall play. Before the game commences a scorecard must be made out by each captain clearly listing the players names in each triple and the numbers one, two and skip to indicate the order of his/her players. The face down cards must then be offered to the opposing captain and the captains shall simultaneously mark each others cards with a 1 and 2 to determine and allocate a game mat. The marked cards shall then be numerically paired up and the appropriate missing names completed. The identified order of the playing position of each triple member can only be changed by notifying the opposing skip before the commencement of an end.


All matches will start as per club programme. A practice of two trial ends only will be allowed and shall be included in the 2 hours referred to in 2(c).


(a) Only SSMBA registered players are eligible to play.

(b) Players must be registered at least three days prior to playing.

(c) To register a player the Suffolk Membership Secretary must be notified in writing and the appropriate fee must accompany such notifications.

(d) Where a club enters more than one team, players must be registered to play for one team only. Cross team substitutions and transfers are not allowed under any circumstances.

(e) A list of registered players should be available to the opposing team.

(f) All clubs must notify the Suffolk Competition Secretary of their intention of playing in the cup by 30 June.


Before the season commences each team must nominate a day and time on which they will play home matches.


Should it become necessary, and in exceptional circumstances only, (i.e. very inclement weather or unavailability of venue) a match may be postponed by the mutual consent of both team captains. A SHORTAGE OF PLAYERS, OTHER THAN IN CIRCUMSTANCES WHERE MORE THAN 2 PLAYERS FROM ONE TEAM ARE ON COUNTY DUTY , IS NOT A VALID REASON FOR POSTPONING A MATCH. It is the duty of the team captain requesting the postponement to notify the Suffolk County Competition Secretary immediately who will then arrange a new date.


If a match is cancelled, the Suffolk County Competition Secretary should be immediately notified and the team cancelling will be eliminated from the competition and their opponents will progress to the next round.


(a) TEAM - The non arrival of a team shall normally lead to the complete forfeiture of the match. Should a team wish to appeal against a forfeiture decision, they must apply to the Suffolk Competition Secretary within 48 hours.

(b) PLAYERS - In the event of there being a shortage of players the following shall apply:


(i)  With one player short (2 v 3 and 3 v 3) the missing player shall be regarded as a second and the order of play shall be lead, lead, second, lead, lead, second, and then the skips. This order shall apply no matter which side leads off first.


(ii)  With two players short (mat 1 plays 2 v 3 and mat 2 plays 2 v 3 ) playing order as above.


(iii) 3 players short will lead to complete forfeiture of the match.

(c) No team shall be allowed to field a short triple if an eligible substitute is present.


One match result card shall be made out and signed by both captains. It is the responsibility of the home captain to ensure that the card is in the hands of the Suffolk County Competition Secretary not later than the fifth morning after the match, Failure to comply with this rule could result in the match being awarded to the opponents.


Notice of a dispute or complaint must be submitted to the Suffolk County Competition Secretary and the County Secretary within three days of the occurrence. The secretary of the team or club concerned must also be notified. The matter will then be considered by the Suffolk committee whose decision shall be final.


The rules of play shall be as laid down by the ESMBA except for the allowed variations as decided by the SSMBA.


For any infringement of either the SSMBA or ESMBA rules, the Suffolk committee shall have the full powers to implement any of the following penalties:

(a) A cash fine not exceeding £20.

(b) The cancellation of any particular result with or without the instruction to re-play.

(c) A temporary or permanent suspension from the association.

The above penalties may be applied to any player, team or club and may be implemented or enforced in any combination.


In the event of any question or matter arising which is not provided for in either the SSMBA or ESMBA rules, then such question or matter shall be dealt with by the Suffolk committee whose decision shall be final.


If a match is abandoned then arrangements must be made for its replay within 28 days.The Suffolk Competition Secretary must be notified of all arrangements that are made. If a match is suspended whilst a game is in progress then this game shall re-commence as at the last completed end. If 15 ends cannot be played, the match must be abandoned.

16. FEES

All association fees and initial player registration fees must be paid by the 31st August.

Failure to observe this rule will mean the forfeiture of all relevant matches until the fees are paid.


Teams may dress in their own coloured tops provided that ALL players are dressed the same, otherwise

it must be a plain white shirt and mid-grey trousers for men and a plain white blouse with either a

mid-grey skirt, culottes or tailored trousers for ladies. Bowling shoes must be worn by all players.